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Since 1968, Port-A-Stall The Premier Manufacturer of Barns, Raised Breezeways, Shed Rows, Arenas, Stalls, and Accessories!  Built to the highest quality standards with the best material!





Port-A-Stall ...Building long-lasting dreams for over 34 years!

What do John Wayne, Lorne Green, Frank Sinatra, Joe Montana, Patrick Duffy, Wayne Newton, Martina Navratalova, The Roosevelts, Ex-Texas Governor Connelly, Retired Truck-Driver Mark Keller, And CowBoy Jason Cobsin have in common?

They are just a few of the purchasers of over half a million structures manufactured by Port-A-Stall to house their beloved horses and other animals. In fact, over 90 major racetracks, plus state and county fairgrounds, government installations, zoos, universities, and horse ranches have chosen Port-A-Stall for their animal housing needs.

Our Mission

Port-A-Stall's goal is to service its present clients of approximately 400,000 , accommodate new customer sales, and constantly look for new ways of improving Port-A-Stall's systems.

To better serve our customer's requests, we provide them with Free Quotes and Design Layouts. Your Imagination is our Blueprint. Let us Custom build the barn of your dreams.

Company Profile

Look To The Future Look To Port-A-Stall

Port-A-Stall pioneered the development of pre-engineered horse barn construction in 1968. After 34 years Port-A-Stall remains the leader in safe, economical, long-lasting, quality and innovative animal housing systems.

Port-A-Stall has long been recognized as a leader in barn design and equestrian systems development. Port-A-Stall installations are attractive, functional and cost saving. Port-A-Stall's construction provides safe sanitary and fire resistant stabling. Exterior walls are available in many attractive finishes and colors.

It's as strong as a Port-A-Stall!

Port-A-Stall is the standard by which other barns and animal housing manufacturers are judged. From starter set-ups, to equestrian centers, to major institutions, Port-A-Stallhas held the coveted position of "Best" in the industry throughout our 34-year history. When your barn displays the respected Port-A-Stall name, you proclaim to the world that you've chosen the very finest to protect and house your animals.

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FAX  (480) 649 5290
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          PO BOX 4126 Mesa, AZ. 85211-4126
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