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Referred By:/ Date:

Customer name: Phone#:

Mailing Address: Fax#:

City, State, Zip: Email Address:


What style barn are you interested in? 

Raised Breezeway Barn

Gable Breezeway Barn

Shed Row Barn with 4' Overhang

Shed Row Barn with 10' Overhang

Shed Row Barn with 12' Overhang


How many stalls? Tack Room Feed Room Wash Room Total

Would you like our standard stall size? 12x12 16x16 Other

Is our standard 20# snow load adequate? Yes No Other

What roof pitch would you like? 2:12 4:12 Other

Is our standard 80MPH wind load adequate? Yes No Other

Would you like a 12 or 16 foot breezeway? 12 16 

Do you want swinging or sliding stall doors? Swinging Sliding

Do you want exterior stall doors? Yes No Single Slide Double Slide

Do you want windows with solid feeder doors?, or bar windows with bars that open?

Bar Windows? Yes No Standard (4x4) Other

Do you want stall feeders? Wall rack/pan Corner rack/pan How many?


12 foot panels

5'High 3 rail 4 rail 5 rail 

6'High 4 rail 5 rail 6 rail

16 foot panels

5'High 3 rail 4 rail 5 rail 

6'High 4 rail 5 rail 6 rail

24 foot panels

5'High 3 rail 4 rail 5 rail 

6'High 4 rail 5 rail 6 rail

When are you thinking of building?

Any specific requests?



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